Provider Meetings

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Provider Meetings

Provider meetings offer an opportunity to actively participate in a community approach to child safety through a process of shared decision-making. Participants include (but are not limited to) DHHS staff, law enforcement, community policing, Parent Partners, mental health and social service professionals, school staff, and faith partners. 

This meeting is open to anyone working with children and families who desires to strengthen provider networks, promote collaborative family work (that includes discussing and troubleshooting needs and resources), and address systems barriers.

To learn more, please check out our CPPC Provider Meeting Info Sheet:

CPPC Southern Maine Provider Meeting Info Sheet 

Biddeford Providers

2nd Tuesday every month 12:30-1:30
McArthur Public Library (Community Room) 270 Main St., Biddeford 
Contact: Tiffany Greco:

Portland Providers

1st Tuesday of every month 10-11:30
Location: Center for Grieving Children, 555 Forest Avenue, Portland 
Contact: Tiffany Greco

South Portland Providers

3rd Tuesday every month 8:30-10
Redbank/Brickhill Hub
Westbrook St. South Portland
Contact: Tiffany Greco: 

Westbrook Providers

2nd Tuesday every month 10-11:30 
Westbrook Community Center (Community Room)
426 Bridge St. Westbrook
Contact: Tiffany Greco: