Family Support Meetings

Family Support Meetings 

The Family Support Meeting (FSM) process is focused on the family and their team creating a plan to get the family’s needs met and to ensure safety for all family members. Teams consist of individuals agreed upon by the family, including both natural and professional supports.  CPPC partners hold to the principle of "nothing about us, without us." In other words, FSMs cannot occur without the family present. In fact, families are in the driver's seat and lead the decision-making process.

To learn more, check out one of our FSM Info Sheets!

Cumberland & York County - FSM Info Sheet 

We also have available for download our Family Support Contact Tool.  The Family Support Contact Tool may be incorporated into PFTM Meetings and/or used independently of the meeting.  The Family Support Contact Tool is designed to help families identify supports in their neighborhoods and communities.

Family Support Contact Tool 


The goal of every FSM is to leave with a plan of action to resolve a family's complex need. 


Guiding Principles 

  • Family Voice: families and children's voices need to be heard. All planning and decision-making is grounded in the family's perspective.

  • Family Choice: families and their teams work collaborativey and persistently to explore choices that work best for the family.

  • Strengths-Based: every family has strengths, and when supported, can make well-informed decisions about keeping children safe.

  • Culturally Aware: family teams ensure that supports demonstrate respect for families'  beliefs, values, culture, and identity.  

  • Natural Supports:  sources of natural support are sustainable and broaden the diversity of the team's knowledge and skills.


Who can Convene?

Anyone who cares about a family experiencing a high level of stress can convene at PFTM -  teachers, guidance counselors, police officers, case managers, neighbors, faith leaders, and more!

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Facilitator Tools 


Self-Sufficiency Matrix (SSM)

Family Plan

Family Support Meeting Feedback Tool (paper version)


Cumberland & York County Reporting Tools


Family Support Meeting Facilitator Report (online)

Family Support Meeting Feedback Tool (online)