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Celebrating Martin Luther King Day

CPPC Bangor and partners, including Bangor Housing, Literacy Volunteers of Bangor, Spruce Run/WomenCare Alliance, Youth Move, Bangor Boys and Girls Club, Bangor AmeriCorps, and Bangor Job Corps, MORE

New Capehart Neighborhood Party

Almost 400 people turned out for an end of summer neighborhood party in New Capehart!  Twenty partner organizations participated as vendors, providing information, games and food!


Neighborhood Residents Work Together to Build Community

Old Capehart neighborhood residents join together to establish a sense of community and civic engagement through participation in a wide variety of neighborhood activities.


Walk and Bike to School

Old Capehart neighborhood residents join other CPPC partners to participate in national “Walk and Bike to School” activities.  The goal of these activities that take place in the fall and the MORE