Penobscot and Piscataquis Counties

How We Can Help

Parents as Partners is a peer support program designed for parents in need of support during critical times in their lives.  Together, we help solve problems and navigate systems so parents can focus on raising safe and thriving children.  We provide individual and group support to families who are experiencing high levels of stress and are in need of support.

Our Parent Partners work closely with families involved, or at risk of involvement with DHHS Child Protective Services by providing emotional support, assistance and guidance with family team meetings, and access to community supports and resources.  We understand no two families are alike, each has its own struggles, needs, strengths, and goals.  We place families at the center of our work by helping a family create a plan, access resources, and reach goals to support safety for themselves and their children. 

If you are interested in a referral to a Parent Partner, or if you work with a family that could benefit from the assistance of a Parent Partner, contact Audra Cowperthwaite at or 207-974-2463.


Our Community Hub is a safe, neutral gathering place for neighbors, friends, and families to make connections and build supportive relationships within the community.  We offer workshops on a variety of topics, parenting classes, computer access, assistance with finding resources, support groups, story time for children, and more.


CPPC Community Hub

Griffin Park Community Room

194 Griffin Road, Bangor

Tuesdays and Fridays from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Thursdays from 12:30 – 4:30 pm

Click here for a list of upcoming events at our Community Hub


For more information about our Community Hub, including ways in which you can help, contact Audra Cowperthwaite at or 207-974-2463.

CPPC Provider Network

CPPC is a network of community partners working together to support families in crisis.  We work to intervene more effectively when abuse or neglect occur, while also working together to improve child protection policy to help strengthen families and keep children safe.

CPPC partners believe the way to achieve community change is to embrace the idea that we all have something valuable to offer and at times, we all have needs.  We are stronger and able to respond more effectively when we collaborate effectively and share our strengths. 

We make better decisions together.  Challenges facing families and communities are complex.  There are often many voices offering solutions, each with its own perspective. CPPC partners believe that hearing different perspectives, and working together to develop solutions, leads to better outcomes for families and communities.  A coordinated effort of many resources can bring about real change for families. By working together, family members, service providers, and community supports craft solutions that would not be possible alone.  The CPPC network thrives off the diverse experiences and perspectives of all partners.

We can improve systems to work better for families.  Many service systems exist in our communities for the purpose of helping children and families stay safe and supported.  We believe that understanding how families experience these systems is key.  CPPC partners pay close attention to how families experience systems, and work in partnership to improve barriers for families.  Family experience is our greatest consideration when assessing how we do our work.

Our CPPC Provider Network partners are crucial to the success and future expansion of this initiative and the success of families in our communities.  These meetings are open to anyone who works with children and families. 

To learn about how you can participate in the CPPC Provider Network, contact Janelle Wuoristo at 973-3534 or